Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Junk Garden in Manzanita Oregon

Remember Cart'M on the Oregon Coast? I decided that their demonstration garden deserved it's own post. The staff cultivates this delapidated delight next to the dump/recycling center/thrift store. The garden is created using throw-aways; PVC pipe, a bathtub, rusted old modes of transportation and even a gigantic satellite dish. Have a little meander.....

And remember...please stay on the path!


The Potting Shed said...

That garden is just the best. Perfect post for Earth Day! Thanks for sharing it with us from across the country! Have you seen your link on my blog with it's special section? xo Joan

Diane said...

Pam, what fun thanks so much for visiting my blog, I love your Post about the evil dealers out your way. I guess they are everywhere, we have our share. I tell you they are just the kind of person I never want to become. I love Magpie Ethel she has such darling treasures, and cute creations. i have bookmarked your blog and Etsy Shop. I have a sister in Sherwood Oregon. What a small world.
Hugs, Diane


Hi Pam,
I had to come over and visit you.
It seems like so many of us share the same ideas and how fun it that:)
Maybe you come visit me...
Happy junking and thriftin..
Deb :)

P.S. we find most of our treasures at estate sales and they happen almost every weekend...even in the winter!!

mo said...

What a fun idea. We even have an old rusty wagon we could plant stuff in. I cracked up at your warning post on the meanies from the estate sale circuit. That is just crazy!! I can't say what I would have done if I would have seen one of them push a little old lady.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

Seems that folks at the coast are rather inventive with their landscape gardens.

I like the old wagon photo the best.