Monday, February 4, 2008

The Fugitive

PLEASE bear with me. I am not and never will be a rodent person. However, this guy is part of the family, one of 2 teddy bear hamsters we have living with us. My daughter named her hamster Hemingway. She was feeling sensitive that day and wanted a "poetic" name. (She's 14. Can you tell?) This one belongs to my son Charlie who is 7. His hamster's name used to be Fluffy; then it became Scrappy (he always looks disheveled); but lately we have been calling him Thumper. As in THUMPING down a full flight of stairs to get to the family room. We surmise he headed down in order to play with Charlie's toys. No kidding, this 6 oz pile of fur knows how to get out of his cage in the middle of the night. Last night was his third escape. Into the kitchen he waddled, his goal being the leftover cat food. Luckily, the cat was outside at the time or HE would have been the cat food. We now have to keep a 10 pound book on top of the cage to keep him in. Look into his eyes...he's saying "I want to get out...a caged hamster won't sing!"


SisterDG said...

Okay, this talent for escape must run in the genetics of the Teddy Bear Hamster. I had one as a kid (named Farah, after Fawcett - eesh). And that thing was forever getting out of her cage - we finally resorted to metal mesh and bricks.

They're so cute, but tricky . . . very tricky.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

My son, then 7 years old, had a hamster around the time we renovated our home. It was a major renovation which required us moving out for 5 months. Just before we moved out we lost Bucky. He managed to sneak out of his cage one summer night. We searched and searched to no avail and eventually moved out without him. Five months passed. We moved back in. I opened my sock drawer to put my clothes away and there was Bucky. Sad, dead Bucky. Poor little hamster!