Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Break in our Regularly Scheduled Junk Programming

See this kid?

This is my nephew Max. He's 23. He recently graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Since the time he could hold a crayon, it's been clear that Max has stunning artistic talent. Max is the designer and creator of Clump-o-Lumps, brilliant and adorable toys that are manufactured by Knock Knock. Here's what they wrote about Max on the Knock Knock website:
(Please note the part about the vintage suitcase, I like to think that's my influence!)

"Clump-o-Lumps: In the fall of 2010, while guest-lecturing at Pasadena’s famed Art Center College of Design, Knock Knock head honcho Jen Bilik met Max Knecht, an insanely talented industrial design student. Out of a vintage suitcase he pulled the first hand-sewn Clump-o-Lump prototypes, about as charming then as they are now. Jen was smitten.

We quickly acquired the line from Max, though he’s still involved with its creation, execution, and expansion, thank goodness. As we’ve shown the family of creatures to an ever-expanding inner circle, everybody who’s come into contact with Clump-o-Lump has fallen in love—in fact, no new product has ever been this unanimously embraced within the company."

Check out the Clump-o-Lump video here.

P.S. Hey Pottery Barn Kids people!...I know how to get a hold of him. *wink*


Shara said...

I saw this on Facebook through Laurie's post - those ClumpOLumps are adorable. I can see kids loving them. What a fantastic idea in a world running low on neat ideas. You must be really PROUD!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

wow very cute! will order soon!

lindeelou said...

Love the catchy tune....would of bought one for Grandson Birthday (he will be 3)...BUT...didn't see any monkeys and that is what he is in to now.....a sad Grandma....they are really cute..

flyingbeader said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!!!

Andy's Attic said...

How cool is that??!! (I'm sue you had some influence with the suitcase)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those are soooooo cute! I will have to look for one for my Grandson! Congrats to your nephew! hugs, Linda

Kim G. said...

That is so cool! Strauss would love a Clump O Lump! Way to go talented nephew!!!!

Deeba said...

This is SO Cool! Thanks for turning me on to the Clumps, and Knock Knock - great stuff! And look at those Knecht genes! Woot Woot! xo