Friday, September 23, 2011

It May be Fall, but I'm Feeling Springy!

I was searching and sorting and swearing in my studio this morning when I came across this vintage garden guide from the 1940's....

'Steps to Better Gardening'. See how they are stepping to better gardening? Nice Art Direction! And I always wear white heels when I'm heading out to dig in the dirt.

Look how happy they are! She gets bonus points for being a redhead.

And why shouldn't they be happy? They're about to plant Lipstick petunias!

...and Sweet Peas and Nasturtiums and Zinnias.
I think I'm inspired to head out and dig in the dirt myself today.
Now, where did I put my white pumps?


Anonymous said...

Is she happy or laughing at that shirt her hubby is wearing?.. LOL

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love this! Gosh the illustrations from older books like that make me so happy...white heels indeed! I want some Lipstick Petunia's ....maybe next summer!


~~Carol~~ said...

LOVE the graphics in that guide! And while you're out there, make sure your dress somewhat matches Mr. OGT's shirt too!