Friday, June 3, 2011

French Torture

O.K. girls. First let me apologize for the grainy quality of these photos. My "friend" Julia sends them to me from her phone while cruising the small towns outside of Paris searching for STUFF THAT REALLY BELONGS TO ME.

Gilded horn-playing Cupid lamps

Ancient wood Nestle boxes. There was a mountain of them. Here's Julia's account of this particular find...."I came close to wetting myself when I saw this. Avenue de Suffren, 7ème arrondissement. 15-20 of them. I was loaded with pkgs so I grabbed one and ran for the car. Back in less than 10 mns. ALL GONE."

Marie Antoinette's mirror.

And this. This is a poster announcing a "Clean Out Your Attic" sale. People bring all the stuff they've been hoarding for years to the town square and practically give it away. Now, how am I going to get to Saintry-sur-Seine by the 26th of June?

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Maria (Magia Mia) said...

Torture indeed. Actually makes the notion of hitting estate sales around here a bit anticlimactic........:(