Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Book Bonanza

During my last junking expedition, I hit pay dirt on vintage books. In fact, I found so many fabulous specimens that I have enough material to do a 3 part post.

Part 1: Domestic Arts ~ Cooking, Raising Children and Painting

I got cookbooks, a vintage A.A. Milne and, as a bonus, an Erma Bombeck classic.

L*O*V*E this mama hen. Attitude and a polka dot apron.

When you are feeling artsy fartsy.

So pretty!

Next Posts...

Part 2: Music, Travel and Nature
Part 3: Dysfunction (I always save the best for last!)


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What great books: I especially love the Milne hardcover.

Anonymous said...

Oh I HAVE to come back for dysfunction day!
A.A. Milne is always a favorite even tho I no longer have any little ones around, In fact, I bought one yesterday.
I was in the store looking for a child's board book to alter for an art clss.
So I guess the painting book is my favorite of this post.

Vintage Christine said...

LOVE the phrase "artsy fartsy". Cuz I'm an "artsy fartsy lovin'" kinda gal. Old books are just the best--I used to buy the How To Paint books when I was a kid but no matter how hard I tried my stuff NEVER came out looking like it was supposed to!

Sarah Ann said...

hey I just came across your blog because I googled Alexis Stewart's fireking collection. Well here's an update for you, she was 30,000 pieces!!!!!!! It will be in next months issue of Martha Stewart Living. Thought it would spread the jealousy your way. Love your site! One collector/hunter to another, Sarah

EverydayMe said...

love the hen... but oh joy the art book is unbelievable.... I love love love it!!! {{hugs}} Michelle