Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And yes, she can design something out of a paper bag!

I know a girl named Emily. She is wickedly funny. And loves Nutella. And speaks Franglaise with me. Emily also happens to be an amazingly talented artist. She thinks of the most creative stuff in the world, and is never afraid of throwing around crafting supplies to see what might happen. She doesn't save stuff because she might need it someday, like some people I know. Ahem. Look what she made for Halloween....

Lovely, silhouette award ribbons,

A sinister raven with a skull and a special message,

Boy and bling paper wreath,

A pirate-y award ribbon. Yyyaarrrggghhh.

And my personal favorite...Orange boy.

All of these festive items are available at Found on Fremont. Hurry!

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LBP said...

It's amazing what some people can create. I am constantly saying "how do they even think of that!" Thanks for sharing.