Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Yard Sale Signage

Don't be looking for anything pink at this one....

Spotted this sign weeks after the sale was over. Too bad. I would have shown up just to ask if they had any Celine Dion perfume.


T's Daily Treasures said...

So sorry to hear about your bike accident. Hope you are on the mend and doing well. Best wishes, Tammy

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Manly sale. Yup. I'd have been all over that. For the junk. I mean, the guy stuff. Aw, you know. Their tools and things. Shoot. The things they bought at the store! Yeah.

Hope you're feeling better after the accident.

trash talk said...

Can you imagine the sea of plaid shirts at that one!

Lisa said...

Remember that Divorce Sale sign you seen a few weeks back. Maybe this is the wife clearing out the manly things :)

Would be interesting to see if it drew a crowd or not.

Happy weekend, take care of that knee!!!