Monday, November 16, 2009

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

My pal Carol from Old Glory Cottage sent me this award recently. Thanks Carol!
It's a good thing Carol lives in Illinois because, if she was a local junker, I would so push her out of my way at estate sales. We like the same stuff: Jadite, vintage holiday swag and happy kitchenware. Most importantly, Carol has a concrete poodle named Fifi. How can you not love a girl with a concrete poodle?!

Carol's instructions were to write 7 things about myself...and then tag 7 other bloggers. So here goes....

1) I believe in Heaven but not Hell.

2) Bagdad Cafe is my favorite movie. It's a quirky and sweet story about an unlikely friendship, and the soundtrack is gorgeous.

3) My first job was delivering newspapers from the back of my yellow Schwinn 10 speed bike.

4) Please don't ever invite me to go skating. Ice or Roller. I'll say no.

5) My pre-school boyfriend was Bobby Brown. But not the one who was once married to Whitney Houston.

6) Sweet or Savory? Sweet. Every Time.

7) I don't ♥ hot tubs. I feel like I am being boiled alive. I'd like the water to be about 80 degrees, which I believe would classify more as a "warm" tub.

Instead of tagging 7 others...I hereby invite all of you to jump in here and play along. Write a post on 7 things about yourself (secrets are really fun) and then comment back here. Then we'll start a frenzy of linking and get to know each other a little bit better.

P.S. Please use the 'Kreativ Blogger' badge if you want theory is that if you blog, you're "Kreativ". So there.


Vintage Christine said...

Oh, you little rule-breaker, you. How generous of you to offer the game to everyone!

~~Carol~~ said...

I like your seven things! Especially #4. Why no skating? Ever? There's an untold story here, I'm sure of it!

Sue (aka vintage rescue) said...

We're more alike than I thought: I love Baghdad Cafe and despise hot tubs too!

Vintage Christine said...

I took you up on your offer over at my Vintage Christine blog. Thanks!

JustJoan said...

Good Morning!
Ditto on #2, 6 + 7. I didn't know you delivered papers!!!
Have a wonderful Monday.
Love, Joan

trash talk said...

We have #4 and #7 in common. I can't even walk without falling down...why on earth would I add wheels or blades? As to #7, can I just say EEEWWW! Those are just petrie dishes as far as I'm concerned. Love when a little is revealed about someone (meaning you)!

Lisa said...

No blog for me yet. Keep saying I am going to. So I will just remain a mystery for awhile.
But very cute post!!!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I totally hear you on #4. I can't stand up on roller skates. And I have Ice-Skate-Phobia!

Sammy Girl said...

Hello! I am finally "sorta" back on a somewhat operational computer. However, it often only speaks Hindi! Enjoyed your seven "reveals" ... brought back bad roller skating memories ... crashing into walls to stop and the whole "girls choice" skate ... any by time I could turn around for the clockwise skate .. the song was OVER!
Do love private hot tubs or hot bubble baths (no public petrie dishes for me!)and just melting all those knots and aches away. 5-10 minutes and I'm good! Not enough to boil ... just parboil lol!
Betty :)