Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hazel's First Birthday

We celebrated Hazel's birthday with a party at the dog park.

Emma handed out doggie treat bags to all the pups who showed up.

Charlie brought toys.

Roscoe was there...

and Chloe...

and Baron...

Stretch and the birthday girl had a little tumble.

Hazel stole a ball, because on your birthday, you get to do that sort of thing.

She had a wonderful time!


Jyl said...

Great photos! Stretch is very sorry for tackling the birthday girl, and in order to make it up to Hazel we'll be sure to invite her to Stretch's first birthday party. We'll be having pony rides and a giant inflatable dog house. Thanks again!

Jyl & Stretch

Sammy Girl said...

Wonderful birthday party. All girls should get to go play with friends and have treats on their birthdays! (Actually we should get to do it a LOT more often than just once a year!!)
Hugs -
Betty :)

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Happy Birthday to Hazel. She sure is a wiz of motion in that last picture. Dogs think and act like EVERYDAY is their birthday! That is what is so wonderful about them!!!

A Thing for Roses said...

My son who is dogless but would love to have one would have loved that party. Let me know when you are getting together with Laurie and I am so there. Laurie and I talked about doing a junking beach weekend next year. Are you in?



Carole said...

Love that first picture with the party hat! lol

trash talk said...

Baron looks like my Jakie dog! His birthday is the same as my little great niece, so they try and celebrate together every year.
Too cute and I love the name Hazel!