Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just because it's fun to say

The other day I wanted something chocolate. And not even good chocolate; there was no snobbery involved. It had to be something trashy. Something that can be found at a 7 Eleven. Like a Ho-Ho.

Then suddenly I remembered a chocolate drink that you can get in New York called Yoo-Hoo. I've never seen one on the west coast. It's sort of like chocolate milk, but not.

I put the two things together and realized: I wanna Ho-Ho and a Yoo-Hoo!


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Say that three times fast!!!!!! Happy thrifty Thursday!

Scrappy Doo said...

too funny!
Yoo-Hoo I want a HO-HO

carole said...

Hi Pam:
I see them YooHoo here in Los Angeles.
I remember them; no I was thinking of Chocomel that is so popular in Amsterdam.
I like Suzie Q's for a chocolate rush : ) Hard to find them out here : (

trash talk said...

Sounds almost a little naughty...I'll show my yoo hoo if you'll show your hoho!
My kids (who are grown,btw) love yoo hoos! Cat Daddy is a fan of dingdongs.
Tell Carole the only place I can find Suzi Q's is in Louisiana (my mil loved those!).
Cute post.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Dot, You can get a Yoo-Hoo out here...I know I have seen them locally...will keep my eyes peeled for one. I personally like the snowballs - those coconut covered cupcakey things from hostess - either pink or white. Oh, and I like tiger tails too.

Llyn M said...

Hey, we have Yoo Hoo in Central Oregon! It's my husbands fave!!

EverydayMe said...

Pam... I've seen YooHoo's here in CA for years... but I don't think they are as popular here as they are in NY... when I could have sugar... they were yummy... I hope you enjoyed your HOHO's... {{HUGS}} Michelle

Elizabeth said...

Shame on you! LOL

I'm in Tennessee and we have Yoo Hoo's here. I buy them all the time for me and my daughter to enjoy. I've been drinking them since I was a kid ;)