Friday, May 29, 2009

Googling Ex Boyfriends: Part 2

By popular demand, Mr. Francais is next....
Scene: Irvine, California, decades ago. I was 19 and about to move to Paris. I had a one way ticket and my bag was packed. He came into the restaurant where I was working as a waitress. The restaurant was called C'est La Vie. (Don't you just love irony?) He lived in Paris and was in So Cal on business. He had dinner, I bought him a glass of Napa Valley red. He gave me his card and asked me to call him when I arrived in Paris so he could take me out for a glass of French red. This sounded like a good idea. On our first date he took me here:

He ordered Steak Tartare. Have you ever seen anyone eat Steak Tartare? It consists of a large mound of obscenely expensive raw meat with an uncooked egg on top. It's not pleasant. But he was smart and attentive and fun. Here was the best part: He had a motorcycle. I would just like to say that riding on the back of a motorcycle through the streets of Paris, in the wee hours, holding on to a tall, leather jacketed, chain-smoking Frenchman who was smitten with me, was pretty sexy.

It looked like this:

P.S. He and I are still in touch. He lives in Paris with his gorgeous French wife and two gorgeous French children.


Kim G. said...

ooh la la!!! Sounds dreamy. (except for the raw steak/egg part-that's kinda gross)

carole said...

Wow Pam; you got attitude and panache!!!
I love Paris but I only stayed for 2 months very close to the Eiffel Tower at 60 Avenue de Suffren. I would have hung out with you in Pig Alle. I always have fun when I am there.
Living life is fun!!!

Deeba said...

Ok, how do I get the eye block going? OF COURSE I google ex-boyfriends - who doesn't?

trash talk said...

How do you say OUCH in french?