Saturday, May 2, 2009

Festive, Fabulous and Free

While rummaging through my favorite blogs today I came across one called Cute and Cool Blog Stuff. Kirsi of Itkupilli offers gratis blog backgrounds and other blog accessories (!). Kirsi describes herself as a Finnish designer and housewife living in Los Angeles. Her work is just over the top wonderful and she is happy to pass it along to the rest of us for FREE!
P.S. One Gal's Trash chose the background called "Shabby Retro". It was so easy to install too. How do you say thank you in Finnish?


Laura said...

This is so attractive! I love it! I will pop over and check out her site...thanks for passing it along!
Be well, Laura

carole said...

Hi Pisces Lady:
From one Pisces to another: Glad to meet you and I am having fun looking at your garden family. You made your blog very IT with the background. Isn't it wonderful and the nice and sharing people we can meet in Bloglandia?
when you have a free moment please come visit me to enter into the Give Away. Comment on any posting.
Love you colorful truck!!!

*iTkUpiLLi* said...

Kiitos! :)

I'm so honored of this post. :)