Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the road from Portland to the Coast

I took an overnight road trip a couple of weeks ago. No kids, no husband, no dog. Just me and Lily Allen and the empty Dodge minivan ready to be filled with junk. I documented my trip from Portland to my favorite beach on the Oregon Coast. Here's how it looked...

Sun dappled buildings downtown

An old barn near Banks ~ 20 minutes from downtown

The Wilson river ~ about 45 minutes into my journey

A view of the top of the Coastal Range (Snow!) ~ 1 hour + 10 minutes from Portland

Dunes and a view of Tillamook Head ~ almost there....

Destination: Nedonna Beach ~ about 1 hour + 40 minutes from downtown Portland

I Oregon


RITA DECO - Vintage and Fabulous Finds! said...

Lily Allen...LOL!
We attended her concert in Portland maybe about 1-2 years ago. She's an interesting girl. In my humble opinion, I thought she was a lazy performer and stage artist. She seemed most interested in her full bottle of champagne she placed at her mic stand. She told the audience she forgot her belt and "that's why my crack is showing". And she showed it. She also enjoyed belching between swigs of champagne. I did like her live music and saw a few moments of true talent. But mostly she reminded me of a spoiled high school girl. After the concert, she signed our photos of her (we collect autographs)through her tour bus window. She wouldn't greet fans in person.....just blow cigarette smoke out the bus window. She was really something else! William

AngelMc said...

oooohhhh very beautiful, no wonder you love Oregon.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Thanks for taking us along with you! xo Joan

EverydayMe said...

lovely... what else is there to say!
{{HUGS}} Michelle