Sunday, April 26, 2009

How many birdbaths does one gal need?

In my case, three. So far.
This was my first concrete birdbath. I found the bottom piece in a woodpile and the top came from a garage sale.

My friend Maryann helped me load this one into the back of our Jeep. It weighs a ton. She almost lost a finger, I almost lost a toe. It was worth it. It moved with us from Pennsylvania to Oregon. I think the Mayflower guys might have lost a few digits as well. Don't fret....we gave them a nice tip.

I found this fishy one at a local shop here in Portland. It was a bit spendy for me, but I traded some fab vintage jewelry for it. Thanks, Astrid!

The tiny bird is so happy that spring has arrived. More of my concrete menagerie in a future post...


Old Crow Farm said...

Um I just purchased two more and already have I many:) I can't get enough of them! Take care jojo


You need as many as your yard can hold...unlimited! xo Joan

RITA DECO - Vintage and Fabulous Finds! said...

Birdbaths are wonderful and practical gifts for our birdie friends. After all, you can't buy a bird a blouse or gift card. PLUS...birdbaths are an instant water feature AND sculpture all-in-one! You have some excellent examples!

lynn rodriguez said...

Love them all, awesome. I was glad to find out that I am not alone in the birdbath obsession. My husband thinks I am crazy, I bought two more this weekend, it seems that I can't pass them up!! Lynn

Carol said...

Love all your birdbaths! I found a cement one curbside, and I broke my pinky finger getting it in the car. Well, I wasn't going to risk it still being there while I went and got my husband, was I?!


Awesome bird baths and I see no reason not to have a few MORE!!
Yours are unique which I really like.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

You will never have enough!! Just face it!! LOL!! Spoken from another BBA (birdbath addict!!)

mo said...

Those are fantastic birdbaths. I have only one that we got as a wedding present. Thanks for the reminder to set it up!

Barb said...

Hey, I'm in Eugene. Just opened a little gift shop a year ago. (anniversary May 1st!!) =0-

Sounds like you know all the fun places to visit.
I'm going to write some of them down so i will know where to go.
Always looking for good flea mkts etc.
Any more ideas you'd like to share about where to go? good flea mkts, or cute little shops??

Barbara Jean

PS Love your bird baths. The top cement one is my fav.

EverydayMe said...

what can I say... I love them...
{{HUGS}} Michelle