Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday's Junk

Gail and I hit two dud estate sales on Friday morning. Just when we were about to throw in the towel, we saw a sale at a big ol' 4 story house that belonged to someone who clearly never threw anything away...Ahhh, heaven!

Here's the rundown: A vintage Dolly~Gram, an old stuffed lion made in Austria, vintage party stuff including Hallmark shamrock doilies, drinking straws, Christmas nut cups, a fab miniature mold set and an old box of ornament hangers.

2 vintage pitchers (pink inside!), an old photo of gorgeous gals, a hammered aluminium jug, a never used baby dresser set, a dotty clown and a lavender floral collar.

And vintage greeting cards. You know how I feel about vintage greeting cards!
The following 4 are FLOCKED! (Try saying that 4 times fast!)



Carole said...

Love the vintage molds - great for paper clay and other crafting! And those pitchers are so sweet!

While out with my SIL on Thursday I got some similar cards for .20 a piece (including a vintage pop-up). Unfortunately when I'm with her I've got competition. She grabbed a couple that I wanted. lol

I love those cards on the very bottom - especially the snowman.

EverydayMe said...

can I say I love the pink little pitchers... they are so adorable... they remind me of the gravy boats my grandmother use to use on special occasions... very fun.

As always... great finds and how much you must be having going through it all...

Love the MEME stuff.... how fun you got yours already... Ya know I think I was suppose to tell you what I like... well... I'm a French girl... I just love anything French. It's my fav.... my sister Mona is in Paris right now for the new 3 weeks... for work... can I just say I'M JEALOUS...

Anyway... can't wait to see what you're next hunt brings in!!!

Have a lovely!
{{HUGS}} Michelle


Wow! I just bought that top set of cards last week here in Illinois!