Friday, February 13, 2009

Let them eat (rubber) cake!

My son loves tiny little erasers. They are made in Japan, quite elaborate and all the rage for anyone in the 2nd grade. Charlie got this little petit four in a goodie bag after a recent birthday party. He gave it to me because: "I thought you would like it, Mommy". He was right. It looks just delicious on our Valentine mantel. Hope you have a LOVE~ly day tomorrow!


Kim G. said...

Happy Valentines Day! (love those little erasers too, I have a few really sweet little animals!!!)

Old Crow Farm said...

That is so cute, do you have any idea where they bought it? My little girl would love it! jojo

Eva said...

who doesen't love tiny erasers!? this one is perfect. your son is so sweet to give it to you.