Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ginger, the vintage GPS system

This is our new friend Ginger. Gail and I found her at Rerun, on the half price table. We were stymied as to why someone, anyone, was not willing to pay $4 for her; but never mind, we grabbed her for $2. For awhile she sat on Gail's dashboard, but we decided she deserved something a little more....whimsical. Suddenly, Gail hollars..."I know! She should be sitting on a swing, hanging from the rear view mirror!" Next thing I know, she's rummaging around behind the seat and pulls out this wire bell shaped object from a box destined for the Goodwill donation site. So I twist a little here, tie a little there and sure enough, Ginger is sitting pretty on her swing. We place a sprig of plastic lily of the valley in her arms and she is all set. As Ginger spun around to look out the window, we realized she can navigate for us on estate sale Fridays. [Said in a thin, small voice...] "Don't worry girls, I'll get you to NE Wygant Street in no time!"


JustJoan said...

I love Ginger...she looks almost Hummell-like, but much more beautiful. What does GPS stand for anyway? Ginger, Patron of Streets?

laurie - magpie ethel said...

I want one toooooo! I want my own Ginger! Super cute and I hope she brings you good luck as well in the estate sale quest.

Carole said...

Too fun. lol

I like visiting Rerun, and though I don't get out that way very often I've gotten a few treasures there.