Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Think Pink & A Milestone

So the new year coincides with this, my 1ooth post!
It seemed like a good time to freshen up my look, along with my attitude. First, I considered a new header image for my blog, but removing the photo of Joan the Patron Saint of Garage Sales felt so....wrong. So instead, I changed the color scheme. I chose pink. I can't explain why. I am normally not a pink person. What do you think? Too perky?

I decided my space at Vestiges Storefront needed a facelift as well. And guess what...PINK! The gigantic shelf now looks like a bowl of Dreyer's Peppermint ice cream. Other people's throwaways just look better on pink.
So there.
Must run and go find other stuff to, of course.


laurie - magpe ethel said...

In my humble opinion there is no greater color than PINK! May it bring you lots of luck in the new year.

mo said...

I like the pink- it is easy to read on. I have trouble when it is white writing on the black background but the pink is very nice. I love Vestiges! I haven't been there in eons but we got my daughter's dresser there years ago. Might be time for a field trip. I am so ready for estate sale season to hit! By the way, the tartlet ornaments are so cute! They are a bit more durable than my paper tray ones too.

Kim G. said...

I too like the pink and I am so glad you kept Joan's picture. The shelf looks really good too! Happy New Year and congratulations on the 100th post!