Saturday, January 10, 2009

And my heart went pitter patter...

All of us gals have something we swoon over. For some, its the spring line of Jimmy Choo's; others desire a diamond trifle from Tiffany. For me, its a gallon size plastic Glad bag stuffed with vintage wrapping paper.

The fact that it was priced at sixty cents made it even better. Not fifty cents mind you, or even a whole dollar, no, sixty cents. Here is what was inside:

A swell variety of 1960's paper...florals, kids, babies and a tiny vintage wedding card. But the real treasure had been concealed deep inside the stack. I almost had a heart attack when these came tumbling out:

Yes, dear reader, a fistful of old floral stickers. Poppies! Roses! Daffodils! Daisies! Forget me nots!!!

1 comment:

julie said...

Sixty cents!!???!!! Oh, man, if you and I lived in the same thrift store/estate sale zone, we'd be throwing punches over that sweet find.