Friday, January 16, 2009

Mommy, why does she have all your Fire King?

I read that Alexis Stewart is about to publish a book about what it was like growing up as Martha's daughter. Alexis apparently doesn't present her Mommie Dearest in a particularly flattering manner. She tells tales about Ms. Domestic Perfection's nasty bathroom habits and hiding from Halloween trick or treaters because she's too cheap to buy them candy. But I digress. Here's a post I published back in 2009. I think the story is worth telling again.

One fine day, years ago, when my now 18 year old daughter was about 5, I received my Martha Stewart Living magazine in the mail. I plopped down on the couch and began to leaf through it.
I came upon an article about Martha's daughter Alexis,
who had recently taken a road trip across the U.S. on a quest to buy Jadite Fire King dishes.
The photos told the whole story. This woman had floor to ceiling shelves stacked FULL of my beloved glassware. And not just plates and coffee cups. Oh no; there were serving pieces, batter bowls, egg cups, dessert was like a nightmare. I started to hyperventilate and with each turn of the page, my gut wrenching cries grew louder. My darling child rushed over, looked down at the photos, and asked: "Mommy, why does she have all your Fire King?" I tossed down the wretched magazine, held her in my arms and whispered in her ear..."Because she is a BITCH!"

Here's my collection:

P.S. There's more in the garage.


julie said...

You. Are. AWESOME!

But that Alexis, she's been punished enough. Can you imagine if you had been raised by MARTHA STEWART?

Sure, she's so tidy and crafty and perfect. But her parenting? Has to be the stuff of nightmares.

Carole said...

I remember the Fire King coffee cups my mother had. Those were the only pieces I remember seeing (four of them I think she had) and it was well before they were 'collectible'. They were simply every day dishware.

A few years back I came upon some at an antique store and I was flooded with memories of my mother (who died when I was fifteen). I couldn't afford them or I would have purchased a couple.

You have a fantastic collection!

Hybrid Hopes said...

that story made me giggle.

but i am sorry that your tragedy is my comedy.

laurie - magpie ethel said...

I remember that article so long ago in Martha. That is a wonderful collection...WONDERFUL...I am so happy to have seen it in person!

you need to get rest of your stash out of the garage and put it on show. Maybe you really do have as much as Alexis and it is just lurking in boxes in the garage!

EverydayMe said...

Pam - Michelle Grajcyk here - - and you are a hoot... Can I say I'm completely jealous I only have one piece of Fire King... and it's one of my only links to my grandmother and mom... both now gone... but I when I look at it. And by the way you have every right to call her a 'b_ _ _h'... because I think more than one person should have some Fire King.

BTW, love the blog!!! You're a kick!!!
{{HUGS}} Michelle!!!

bananaicecream said...

wow, that collection is stunning!!

kate said...

i am so jealous of you. you have no idea.

ok, all kidding aside, you have a really fabulous collection.