Thursday, December 4, 2008

The part where a vintage picture frame gets a new look

Okay, I know you have at least one old picture frame in your garage that you found at an estate sale for 50 cents. Me? I have a truckload of them.

Let's get to re-purposing, shall we?

Here is my before: 3 dorky boys in an old wood frame (Triplets? But only one wears glasses? or 3 shots of the same dorky boy and for one he tried out his Peter Sellers impersonation?)....But I digress.

Here is my after:

My friend Maria at Collage gave me a box of delicious vintage greeting cards awhile back and these happy people were in there, just waiting to be loved again. I found the dotty and festive background paper at Collage. So there you go...dusty, neglected picture frame gets a new life! Recycled and Fabulous!


Vintage Sue said...

That looks great! I just might copy it for my booth!

julie said...

That's a really cool idea! Now I'm thinking about pulling down all my framed photos for the holidays and putting up themed ones in their places!

Ooh, and I could do that for all the holidays. Hmm...I might never see my framed family photos again.

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh at me....did you get that frame at a sale down from Fernwood School? I have almost the SAME three boys framed at home!!!! I loved them so much, I bought their yearbook. I wish I were kidding about that.-Amy at Poppy & Ivy...(and yes I have a Google account but it says my password is wrong..and it's not.)

Anonymous said...

i actually really like the way it looked before, now that the holidays have passed, can i buy that frame & photo set off you, or if you want the frame can i just purchase the photos?