Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hazel almost sits for a portrait

So I caught Hazel digging in the garden beds today when I turned my back for 2 seconds. I brought her in the house, tempted to spank and scold but cleaned off her filthy paws instead. Then I had a brainstorm...I have a blog! I could post about this dirty deed! The photo shoot went something like this:

"Sit Hazel!"
"Hazel, SIT..stay!"
"Hazel, PLEASE...Sit!"
"Good Girl!"


JustJoan said...

She's soooo cute! And she's still a puppy. Does she have snowboots? I heard Portland is going to be freezing this weekend.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

LOL! Gosh, I have LOTS of pictures like those! Thank heavens for digital cameras; I used to have to pay for each and every blurry print. Darling pup, BTW. Our Edward would have lots of fun with her!