Thursday, November 27, 2008

The official beginning of the holidays

It's not when Marshall's starts stocking shelves with Christmas decorations in August. Or when the local FM station begins playing Holiday music the day after Halloween. For me, it's the day before Thanksgiving when I get started on dinner by making the fresh cranberry sauce. It's the afternoon light in the kitchen, A Charlie Brown Christmas on the CD Player, the color & sound of the berries as they begin to pop happily on the stove. (Recipe hint: Use orange juice instead of water for cooking, you'll get a subtle orange flavor that is so good with the turkey. I sometimes add a couple of tablespoons of orange marmalade just before serving.)

Later today, our guests will be greeted by this spectacular turkey that my daughter made in the first grade. (She is now in sophomore in high school.) I love his crazy googly eyes and yellow feet.The "E" on his hat is for EMMA. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


laurie said...

I have never made cranberry sauce...I hate to admit it but it comes out of the can complete with the little circular indents!
Have a great turkey day Dot!

Mary said...

I know how you feel! I usually make cranberry sauce a few days prior ot Thanksgiving. I always use lime juice instead of water for a tangy twist, but this year I used oj since it was on hand. Must say, made the sauce so much sweeter! I also stir in pineapple chunks and mandarin oranges. Never have any leftovers!

m i c h e l l e said...

Hi Pam...I found your blog from Amy's. Fun!

My daughter made homemade cranberry sauce this year for the first time. It was FANTASTIC! It's all gone already but since we still have leftovers, we're heading to the store today to buy more cranberries to make more!!!

Cheers and happy holidays!