Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Creative Friend and a Little Night Music

I have been without a computer for a few days; we took it in for emergency medical treatment. It was less than a week but it felt like a very long time to be away from email, MSNBC and Huffington Post. But I am now in my cozy chair, glass of red wine in hand, ready to spill my guts.

Remember when I told you about my friend Joan?

Here she is, almost hiding behind her hand made collage of Liz. Joan has started her own blog and I hope you will check it out. She just posted about "Snail Love" which includes the most beautiful & mysterious photo...and also has a posting about her Christmas cards which are just amazing. I ordered 30 of the British stamp Christmas tree design to send to friends and family.

Just for fun I also want to share a photo of my very own miniature trio of Baroque musicians. Here is the best part; I found each of them at a different place ! The pianist was $1 last summer at an estate sale...I found the cellist at Teen Challenge Thrift for I-don't-remember-how-much and the flautist came from the Goodwill for 99 cents. I swear sometimes in the middle of the night, I hear them in the living room, playing something beautiful and sweet.

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Kim G. said...

The little baroque musicians are great, I love little old porcelain and bisque figurines. You found them for a great price too. I bet their music sounds beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Love,Kim