Monday, September 1, 2008

Lucky Seven

I got tagged awhile back by the lovely and smart Diane at Craftypod. My instructions are to post 7 random thoughts about myself. Then I get to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same. Sort of like a blogging chain letter.

1. I would like to make out with Colin Firth. (My husband knows this. He would like to make out with Juliet Binoche, so we're even.)

2. I have to remove the strings from my eggs before I eat them. When I lived in New York, the morning fry cook at my favorite deli would happily remove the strings before he made my scrambled egg, bacon and cheese on a Kaiser roll sandwich. Now that's service.

3. I like banana flavored things, (think Laffy Taffy and B & J's Chunky Monkey) but bananas? Not so much.

4. The only reason I ever go into Nordstrom is to use the ladies room. I used to listen to the live piano music too, but I think they fired that guy that wore a tux and played Rachmananoff.

5. I love to travel, but will never, ever take a cruise. Trapped on a boat: no thank you.

6. I often run out of gas. This never happened when I was a teenager or a college student. It happens now that I am old enough to know better and when I have at least 2 kids in the car.

7. There are few things in life better than the taste of cold water out of the hose after a day of summertime gardening.

I am now tagging the following bloggers: Laurie, Lisa, Amy, the Camp Whimsy girls, Karen, Mo

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Kim G. said...

Thanks for the tag! This was fun! And I hear ya on Colin Firth. Only I would insist he call himself Mr. Darcy!!