Monday, July 14, 2008

Small Town Holiday

Okay, so I'm a week (or so) late and a couple of dollars short, but I love these photos of our 4th of July adventure to Corbett, Oregon. 22 miles and a WORLD away from Portland. Glad I didn't wear my hot pink "IMPEACH" t-shirt or I would certainly have been run down more than once by men with huge, loud trucks and missing teeth.

My son Charlie waiting for the parade with a squishy ball on his head

The most delicious hot dog EVER
My favorite thing about the whole day. Finger puppets made in South America. We saw a purple octopus with a bowler hat, a pig with a pink bow tie, a blue walrus, a llama and other assorted creatures. Could hardly pull myself away to watch the pie eating contest.
The view from Crown Point looking east across the Columbia River Gorge.

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