Monday, March 3, 2008

Things Floral and Emma

Saturday was my birthday. My husband took me out for Eggs Benedict and then to do a little junking. This is not normal protocol. He is always game to check out my swag when I get back, but doesn't usually want to accompany me on the ACQUIRING part of the ritual. So we go into one of my usual spots and it's like a birthday miracle. There, shoved under a shelf in a plastic milk container, I find these fleurs. Daffodils (my birthday flower) and lots of them. Yes, I know they are plastic. I don't care. I LOVE them. They will stay on my mantel, even through the hot summer, the crisp fall and the dead of winter.

I brought them home and put them in my favorite flower vase. The color just knocks me out and the inscription reads: "To my Aunt Emma" I found it at a junky antique store when my daughter Emma was just a baby.
I recently found this gem too, and at the same place as the daffs! It was in a small box marked "junque". A tiny hand painted floral in a frame. The artist signed her mini-masterpiece: Emma

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