Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Few days late, a couple of dollars short...Mantel continued..

So I kept meaning to post turkey photos around Thanksgiving and look what happened! It's New Year's Day! I did promise to complete the holiday mantel so here goes.....Top photo: Grandma Millie's glass cake plate holds vintage turkey candles just like the ones she used to grace the Thanksgiving table when I was little. Those are the actual dried leaves (some painted gold!) that Millie used to spread around the white tablecloth. Added to the still life are modern day glitter pumpkins and acorns, not old, but I love them anyway.....Bottom photo: Part of my turkey-rama themed mantel. Mostly old salt and pepper shakers with a few pine cone and beaded turkeys thown in. The one in the middle always gets positioned front and center so the other turkeys can see what is in store for them. It's a set of s/p from my sister Kathy. She knew I had a collection and found this "roasted" gem at a flea.

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