Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My next husband...Yarrgh!

I saw him outside the diner in Rockaway Beach. He was swaying a little.
Me: "Can I take your picture?"
Him: "Sure, Sweetie!"
Me: "Is there a parade or festival in town today?"
Him: "No....I'm just a happy pirate, that's all."
Me: (under my breath) "I just bet you are, honey."


Marilyn said...

Bet you gave him an ego boost...and something to tell his friends HA HA

Barbara said...

Think how wonderful it must be to think "I'm just a happy pirate" and mean it!!

Kim G. said...

You come across the funniest things! Now where's the rum???

Lisa said...

I think you should have investigated more into this happy pirate. Maybe he would have showed you where his boat was docked!

Love it!!!!!! Glad you keep that camera with you :)

Vonlipi said...

id not know you were married to a pirate and a happy one at that! LOL

Rose H (UK) said...

Ha, ha!
My daughter reckons that all men are either Ninja or Pirates - at least we all know which catagory HE falls into!

trash talk said...

Well shiver me timbers! Sounds like he had one too many yo ho hos with a bottle of rum!
What a hoot you are.

icandy... said...

you are just too much, my evilness!
i miss you, friend!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is just priceless!! I bet that keeps your husband in line. ~snickers~