Monday, May 24, 2010

British People Close to my Heart

Maddy. We've been friends for 30 years. She's a girl...See?

Maddy's mum and dad. Tom and Nina were my de facto parents when I was living in London; I was poor and far from home and they took me under their wings. They are still adorable.

Max is my ~ sort of ~ nephew*. He likes tractors and lambs.

Max walks like a drunken sailor. He is seen here surveying the manor grounds.

*Max is the son of an ex-boyfriend for whom I still carry a (teeny, tiny) torch 30 years and a couple of husbands later and who also happens to be Maddy's brother and Tom and Nina's son.
See what I mean about my ~ sort of ~ nephew?

P.S. Max's mother is a beautiful and sweet member of the British aristocracy. And who the hell can compete with that?


Marilyn said...

Looks like your having fun. Find any good junk over there?

EverydayMe said...

delightful post... love seeing and hearing all about your trip... make me want to grab a cup of tea and wait for the next post.... thanks for sharing the delightful pleasures of your trip... I love it!!!
Have a wonderful week!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Love your cute nephew!