Monday, January 18, 2010

Photos, an Award and Inspiration

Pepe & me ~ Garden Grove, California ~ 1964

Bowie & me ~ New York City ~ 1986

I posted these photos at 2 different times on my Facebook page. My pal Lisa pointed out that they were very similar...I didn't even twig...Thanks, Lisa!

My other pal Joan gave me a blog award today. Thanks Joan! The deal is I get to tell you 7 things about myself that you don't know. Then I get to tag 7 other blogs that amuse, enlighten and inspire me. Here goes:

1 ~ I've had 21 different addresses in my lifetime. There may be more, but that's how many I can remember off the top of my head.

2 ~ I love to dig in gardens and in strangers' basements and I'm allergic to flowers and dust.

3 ~ My favorite recent-ish book is "Tender at the Bone" by Ruth Reichl.

4 ~ I should have been born 20 years earlier.

5 ~ I can't sleep unless I have my favorite flat, shapeless, hard pillow.

6 ~ I don't ever need to go scuba diving.

7 ~ If I had married my French boyfriend, I would be living in an amazing flat with wrap around views of the Eiffel Tower. Even from the bathtub.

Seven Fabulous Blogs:

1 ~ stuff my dog chewed My friend Janet's blog about her dog Autumn.

2 ~ monkeybox Great junk. Every time.

3 ~ icandy Glitter! Color! Fun!

4 ~ Things I want to punch in the face Funny.

5 ~ Colorado Lady Has a weekly party for us die hard junkers.

6 ~ Posie Gets Cozy Beautiful photos. Beautiful writing. Just beautiful.

7 ~ freshvintage My original inspiration to start blogging. Sassy!


~~Carol~~ said...

I'd be considering divorce right now if I had a French ex-boyfriend. Is that wrong?
Congrats on your award! You're quick. Joan gave it to me too, and I'm still thinking about my 7 things to share. Maybe I'll just make up a few things!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

#5. Shapeless, flat hard pillow.
I have a very soft, feather pillow (with only a handful of feathers left) that can be balled up into the right shape for a good nights rest. I have had it since I was 12 and have trouble sleeping without it.

Vintage Christine said...

My husband is a professional oilfield diver in the Gulf of Mexico (with occasional trips to Nigeria and Mexico) and after hearing about the giant and dangerous fish down there, the best I can do is put my toesies in the water. Scuba? Mais non!

icandy... said...

You are sooo sweet!
I found you on facebook and sent a request!
Dr. Evil *hahaha*

Chickens in the Basement said...


colleen said...

Thanks, Pam. You made my day! And, unless there is a killer yard sale at the bottom of the ocean, I have no desire to scuba dive either.

LunaKris said...

Your friend Janet's blog is hysterical! I just posted an entry about it in my own blog. You can find it at I've had many puppies, and many mangled belongings, so I can relate to Janet's troubles.

Alicia P. said...

You are so sweet. Thank you, beautiful lady.