Sunday, December 6, 2009

The tables are turned...on me!

Remember the posts I did on Googling ex-boyfriends here, here and here? Well, whaddya know!...An old high school flame found me via Facebook. Mike was a tall, upper classman who played basketball and had a vaguely exotic surname. He used to ride his bike (After dark! On school nights!) over to my house and we'd make out by the side of the house where my dad kept the trash cans. Romantic! He was my date at a Sadie Hawkins dance, if memory serves. After a while, he decided he liked someone else better. Can you imagine??? Me neither!


trash talk said...

Puh-lease tell me that bike was a Harley and not a Schwinn!
This sounds like a page outta C.D./Trash love story.
BTW, the trash cans are a real nice touch of romance!

Theresa said...

It is fun to see how much older other people look than us, agree:)? That is too funny, no googling old fellas here! Have a blessed day!

My Grama's Soul said...

Cute post for VCM. Is this guy vintage or what???



Anonymous said...

Yes the past is a crazy ride!!! I used to be on Classmates but took myself off when the old flames came a e mailing!!! ha!
~ Love the trash cans!!

A Thing for Roses said...

So funny! Especially the fact that you have this post labeled under "making out." How many other posts share that label, I wonder?



Vintage Christine said...

How many other posts do you have under "making out"? That's hilarious! And obviously this man has no sense for letting YOU get away. BTW--you're coming up on 100 followers, Miz Popularity. Is a major celebration on the horizon?!