Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And the winner is...

The little deer shadowbox goes to...

Christina from icandy! Christina is the junky sister I never had...I'm just not sure which one of us is the evil twin. What that girl can do with crepe paper and chicken wire will make your heart pound and your jaw drop.

Thanks to all of you for following the adventures of One Gal's Trash. I am so feeling the love and appreciate every one of you!

This was so fun...I think I'll head to the studio to make something else for another giveaway...stay tuned.


icandy... said...

OMYGOSH!!!! Maybe we were separated at birth?! Hehehehe
I am so VERY excited~ a H.U.G.E. thank you to you and your sweet self, your post about me is really very nice...I appreciate it so much!!!!
I can't wait to receive my goodie!!!
Thank you again and I'll hop right over to your email!
PS~ I'll take the heat... and be the evil one!!!! :) HUGS!

Tardevil said...

So pretty...lucky lady!

~~Carol~~ said...

Darn! I was so hoping to win! Ah well, congrats to Christina, and I feel I need to check out her blog, because I just have to see what someone can do with chicken wire!

trash talk said...

I went and looked and by golly, you're right...a wiz with chicken wire! Congratulations to her.