Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lisa and her Fringe Tree

Today is Dia de los Muertos ~ Day of the Dead. In Mexico, it's an annual festival honoring and celebrating loved ones who have died. I have been thinking about my friend Lisa today and for the last couple of weeks. October 12th would have been her 50th birthday. Last year, on the anniversary of her birthday, I wrote about her here.

The day after Lisa died in 2007, the kids and I planted a tree in her honor in our back yard. I wanted something special, a tree that represented who she was to me and to my family. A Fringe Tree was the perfect choice. In the fall, it is covered with black berries that look like olives.

Olives remind me of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara reminds me of Lisa. We took a road trip there with her sister Carolyn many years ago. We rented a convertible and listened to The Eagles and almost ran out of gas on the Coast Highway. I remember the sunlight, the ocean, Lisa being her persnickety self, and lots of laughter.

In the spring, the Fringe Tree is covered in white frilly flowers that look like angel's wings. It's a good reminder that Lisa is still with us, right in our back yard.

Hi Hon! We miss you so much.


Lisa said...

A very sweet remembrance of a very special friend. The tree is beautiful as I am sure your friendship was.

Theresa said...

How sweet, beatiful tree in memory of your precious friend! I know you were both lucky to have that special time together. Have a blessed day!

trash talk said...

What a perfect choice to honor someone obviously so dear to your heart. Just lovely.