Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's do a project out on the porch!

My friend Gail likes junking, show tunes, Hank F., and making stuff out of castaway treasures. She says she doesn't eat meat but often orders a turkey sandwich with crisp bacon. She's the best. I told you about her mosaic windows here.

She also finds old plates at thrift stores and estate sales, breaks them into little pieces, glues them on furniture,

covers the whole thing with grout, wipes it off, and look....

...a work of art that doubles as a child's chair.

P.S. That's Amos the dog searching for bacon crumbs. He is also a "vegetarian".


a time for us said...

What a neat and talented friend you have! That porch looks comfy enough to pull up a chair and sit for a while, too :+)

Theresa said...

Hey I am theycallmeganky:) thanks for stopping by and love the mosaic chair! Have a blessed day!

mo said...

So cute! We did that once but we broke plates and made mosaic stepping stones. We got the plates at Good will and later found out (after we had broken tham) that they were Quimper pottery from France and the plates were estimated to be worth $200 each. Ooops! But that was years ago and she still has the stepping stones in her garden so thats good!

Halo Hill said...

I would love to see your friend's mosaic windows! The link doesn't work though (either that or she only allows access to certain people)?

Anyway, I love your blog as always!