Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I got sidetracked on the way to Starbuck's

In honor of Vintage Thingies Thursday, I have a little story to tell you....

When I got up on Sunday morning, I had just a teeny, tiny red wine headache from the night before. I came downstairs, started the coffee pot, fed the cat, unloaded the dishwasher and went to the fridge to get the milk. Open fridge, no milk. Just so you know, I would rather not drink coffee than have it without milk. Not cream. Milk. So I trudge upstairs, pull on last night's shorts and a T, hop in the Dodge and head to Starbuck's for a 1% mild Misto which everyone else in the world calls a Cafe au Lait. I am almost there, when I see a woman hanging a sign on a tree and a bunch of stuff out on the lawn. I know what this means. I circle the block, park and head inside. Here is what I found:

Two vintage frames for repurposing, a basket of shells (lots of coral!) for a beachy project, a few vintage vegetable playing cards, and a petite porcelain shoe with blue flowers.

An old doll in a gorgeous costume, some vintage light reflectors, 2 tiny frames, and a print of a French garden painting by Edouard Vuillard that I have always loved.

More Christmas delights found in a crumpled grocery bag.

This was my favorite find of the day. She has style. I love how she stands with such integrity. I mean, I know she has no arms and has lost her head, but that dress! I want one in my size to wear to my 50th birthday party. And pardon me, but let's just take a peek under the skirt and red (!) petticoat...

handmade bloomers!

Since it was 1/2 price Sunday, I got the whole pile for $6.50. I would just like to add that my 1% mild Misto tasted particularly delicious after this treasure hunt.

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Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

I had one of those little girlies when I was a girlie!

misselaineous said...

What a wonderful "meant to be" moment. If you'd had milk in the would have missed all those neat finds. Call it karma...kismet...whatever...i think us junkers have a special sense of something...Sue @ VRS calls it in zooming in on the 1 cool can't live without piece @ the Flea. Whatever it is, you got it!! I'll be 55 soon...too soon...can I have that dress in HHHOOTTT pink...and don't forget the bloomers! LOL :o} *elaine*

trash talk said...

But did you get any milk while you were out?
She's cuter than a hat on a puppy!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...


Nice to meet you! I am visiting from the vintage thingies Thursday link. Wow, you got some great stuff! See how a bad thing (no milk) turns into a great thing? Sometimes we never know. lol! I got a great deal too one day when I had to take my hubby to work. I posted about it on my blog from last Thursdays party. When I was taking him to work (which I didn't feel like doing) turned into a great day for me. Same thing happened, I spotted a sale!! Wow, what a cool restaurant! My kind of place. Really neat how they made the lights with the vintage cans!

Stop by and visit me when you have time. I will put the coffee on! :)

Franny said...

Love the handmade bloomers ;)
I'd wear those on my birthday every year!

Coloradolady said...

What wonderful finds, and a bargain price! You never know why things work out the way they do...not having milk turned out to be a good thing!!

Have a great VTT!

CC said...

Strange how wonderful life can be. Just look what that "no milk moment" helped you find..wonderful treasures all.
I did clock on the follow button..I just love your blog and can't wait to see what you find next. Happy VTT..have a great weekend.

viridian said...

It's so fun to go junking. Happy VTT.

Will @ rita deco said...

Those bloomers look itchy!
Maybe she scratched 'her head off'.
Bad....I know.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love her little shorts under there, so cute!

Becky said...


What a fabulous morning you had!

I'll happily sign up to be a follower. Tell me where you live so i can follow you to the great sales too!! heehee

Lisa said...

My father always made me "milk coffee" when I was little. Still have to have milk in it today or no thanks.
What sweet finds along the way.
Love the doll someone put in a lot of work on her dress. I can just imagine a grandma making the dress and a jealous little brother taking her head off and hiding it!
I just noticed in the restaurant picture that the sweet-n-low is in a half of a ceramic strawberry. I have one of those what a cute idea!!

Anonymous said...

The doll in native costume looks just like one my Dad brought back from Greece in the early 50's to my grandmother

Anonymous said...

oooohh she's a cutie alright!!

EverydayMe said...

Pam... I just to have 2 dresses like that one except in lavender and pink... our babysitter ( Mrs. Egghert and Mrs. Snodgrass) made them for my sister and I for our Barbies... I wish I knew what happened to them... they really were works of art... Thanks so much for bringing back a lovely memory! {{HUGS}} Michelle

Jewelgirl said...

When you least expect to find treasures that's when you find things you love! Happens to me a lot
and I try to carry cash for the
unexpected sale! I joined you too!

Candace said...

Now who would have thought a teeny wine headache would lead to such great treasures!

Barb said...

Just found you, and did sign up to follow.
So glad then, to find that made you happy. =0))

Off to read more.

Barbara Jean