Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great News!

An Anonymous commenter to my blog has done what I could not do. Anonymous has found the owner of the house with the dead plants! Yippee! Now perhaps Anonymous can pass the word on to the owner about: the broken windows, the exposed basement, the graffitti, the 6' hole in the side yard, the 2 nuisance complaints filed with the city and the piles of garbage rotting on the property! Yeah! THANK YOU Anonymous! Oh, and please let the owner know that I will be happy to return the plants which are now thriving in my adopted garden.
For instance, remember this dead Delphinium?

Look at it now, after a week of love and H2o in my front garden bed. It doesn't know that winter is coming and I'm not about to tell it!


Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

Isn't the blog world just amazing? I hope the owners are happy about their plants' lives being saved. Unfortunately they probably have alot of other things on their minds! Yikes!

Sammy Girl said...

So glad the plants are doing well. The owners may or may not care about the status of the house - but SO GLAD YOU cared about the plants!
Always enjoy your blog and wanted to take a minute to tell you so. I actually met Magpie Ethel last weekend .... recognized her from her blog pic!! It is truly a small world and nice to know that you are helping it spin true!
Hugs -
Betty :)

Sue at Serendipity said...

Love those anonymous comments -
they remind me of slam books, nasty gossip and middle school cliques!

If I were the owner, I would thank you for rescuing the plants and bringing them back to life.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to hear from them if their property has been allowed to disintegrate into such a sorry state!

will@ritadeco said...

Don't give the plants back until a responsible owner/resident moves into the property. I can't believe that someone can just let the house "go to hell". Don't they care about their investment? This house is in an area of $300-700 thousand dollar homes...Hmmm.

trash talk said...

Oh mylanta and the neighbors were worrying about you rescuing the plants! I would be more worried about what might be going on with that house!
Isn't possession 9/10ths of the law? What about finders keepers, is that a law?
You just hang onto your beauties...they seem much happier in their new adopted home!

Lisa said...

So they move out and let a house fall in complete disrepair. I have a feeling for this happen the plants would not be even thought of.

Well maybe now anonymous can
take some action and get the house and yard cleaned up by the local officials or themself.

Then maybe we can have a flower party on your blog and we can send you starts of our flowers along with yours to give them and celebrate a house back being loved by someone!

Then you can welcome them with some new plants for them and everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy.

Poolatte said...

I love all the posativity! Yeah for blogging, what a impact it has. I have been driving past said sad house everyday for two years, and wonder when it will get to be a home again. Maybe thanks to you and "Anonymous" it will finally get that chance :) If I could afford it I would love to fix it up, it's a great old house!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Oh I want to hear all the details!! How did you find out about Mr. Or Mrs. Tattle Tail?