Saturday, August 8, 2009

A box of joy from Montezuma

I wasn't expecting anything in the mail, but lo and behold, a large package arrived yesterday with my name on it. I love it when that happens! I ripped it open to find this thing of beauty.
Lisa is the winner of my last giveaway. As a thank you, she sent me this wonderful Fleur de Lis tied with a polka dot ribbon(!) and included a very sweet note about how much she enjoys my blog. (Lisa lives in Montezuma, Indiana, which sounds like a junker's paradise if you ask me.) What a delightful surprise! Merci Lisa!


Lisa said...

Glad it made it there okay. You so deserve a surprise!! I really enjoy your blog and adventures. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

I love that a giveaway and then a giveback! Cool!

trash talk said...

Now that's a girl whose mama brought her up right! Sending a thank you gift...I never thought of that...but I will the next time. She must be Southern. If she's not, she ought to be!