Monday, July 6, 2009

A moral dilemna Part 2

Here's the next chapter in the dead plants story. I found the name of the owner of the house by checking on Portland But the only address listed for the owner is the address of the emptly house. It's close enough to us that I can assure you, no one is there, ever. So I'm not sure dropping off or mailing a note will do any good. A friend told me that she saw it listed as a foreclosure....not sure I will dig some more to see where the mystery leads.
By the way, your responses were 3 to 1 in favor of me rescuing/liberating/stealing/adopting the plants and trees. Stay tuned girls!

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Anonymous said...

While I can relate to your dilemma totally, as one who has purchased a home only to be dismayed that the departing owners/tenants? had swooped in at the last moment and taken many choice plants with them, I have to vote against the covert style liberation. Maybe the next owners will be gardeners and appreciate a few plants to start with.
But if you can get permission, get out the gloves and wheelbarrow...I'd help you if I could!