Thursday, July 9, 2009

Letters from famous people - Part 1

One night, years ago, in a 3rd floor walkup in New York City, my friend Janet and I were on the couch watching World News Tonight. An Entenmann's chocolate fudge cake (still in the box) between us and each armed with a plastic fork, we were ready to catch up on the day's news.

Janet nonchalantly throws out this one: "Do you think Peter Jennings is attractive?" Attractive? I practically fell off the couch while shouting YES! YES! YES! I'd had a crush on him for years. He had travelled the world, knew absolutely everything and was a snappy dresser. And the voice. Please.

Anyway, we decided to send a fan postcard to Mr. Network News Hottie.
We wrote:
Dear Pete,
We think you should present the news naked from the waist up.
Love, Pam and Janet
P.S. We also think you are really smart.

Off it went to ABC News. I swear, in about a day, we received a large envelope in the mail. Inside was a signed 8 x 10 glossy of Pete ~ shirtsleeves and necktie askew! (Janet currently has possesion of the photo ~ we share custody.)
He wrote:
Dear Pam and Janet,
You girls sound nuts, and GREAT.
Love, Pete

Years later, when I was working at ABC, I saw our postcard pinned on the bulletin board outside Pete's office. But that's another story.

Next installment: my letter from British Royalty. Really.


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

You go girl! And you have great men and desserts.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...


~ Sarah

Carole said...

That is too funny! lol

I always liked the way Peter Jennings got to the point of a story, never came across biased in any way, and actually handled whatever story he was doing in a professional manner.

Having been in journalism in school (thankful now that I didn't go that route - it's too cut throat/ratings driven), and knowing the basis for a story (the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all), I always admired those reporters who strived to do the job, to do it right, and do it well. Peter Jennings was one such reporter. He didn't turn it into hype, he didn't do it for ratings, and the stories were actually newsworthy and you learned something by the facts he reported.

That to me was admirable.

NYC said...

Hey, don't forget about Ted Koppell!

Molly said...

That's wonderful! What a great story!


Sammy Girl said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Now, of course, we NEED to hear the NEXT PART ....
Also good to know that it was received in the same fun atmosphere as intended and that a patrol was not sent to serve you with anti-stalker warnings!
B :)

trash talk said...

I just love this! It makes me happy to read that celebrities appreciate humor just like us regular folks AND have a sense of humor. I used to just melt when he would say "aboot"! BTW, I think y'all are a couple of nuts too!

Kim G. said...

you girls ARE nuts!! I like nuts!

simplyiowa said...

Oh My... You totally CRACK me up!!! I had a crush on Peter, too.. What a Cool Cat! Ain't life Grand!
Barb C.