Monday, July 13, 2009

Let there be water!

Remember my post about the abandoned house with the dead "landscaping"? Well, last Friday it was hot here in the city of roses. Very hot. I've been tossing and turning about whether I should take the plants, but in the meantime, I decided to bring them all a cool beverage. Emma helped me roll a garbage can full of water down the street and we used a bucket for scooping.

Emma ran back to the house for the watering can (do you still call it a "can" when it's made of plastic?)...

Her friend Fia helped too....

When we were finishing up, I saw the neighbors who live to the north. I asked if they knew what was going on with the house. The husband said that no one has done any work on it in over a year. That the cops came last winter when the frozen pipes burst and turned the water off. That it used to belong to a Portland Trail Blazer, he put it on the market when he got traded to Atlanta, couldn't sell it, and donated it to the Boys & Girls Club as a tax writeoff. When I mumbled something about wanting the plants, the wife sneered at me and said "You can't take them, they belong to someone!" I wanted to holler..."The house is uninhabitable, it's a safety hazard, windows are kicked in, there's graffiti and and clearly no one cares!" But I just mumbled a little more and skulked away. And to think, I was this close to digging up those plants and bringing them home...Woe is me!

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Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

You and your plant angels are wonderful. The plants thank you. Yikes. and to think it and more is happening all over the country.

We were visiting in NC where someone had left their pets inside when they abandoned their house. The police rescued the 2 or 3 dogs and got new homes for them before they died. The dogs understandably destroyed the wood floor and doors trying to get out. sad so sad.

Anonymous said...

Provided I'm understanding Joan correctly . . . I agree. Plants are living things too and if it were, say, a dog or a cat or a hamster that was languishing on abandoned property I would *not* let some sneering neighbor stop me!

True, in the eyes of the law a plant is different than an animal. And I'm waffly since you haven't been able to find the people to ask permission.

There's not a for-sale sign up, is there? You could go through the real estate agent to get to the owner. Or, since it's in foreclosure, go through the bank.


If the house is truly foreclosed, the house belongs to the bank. The bank is the owner. Ask permission from the bank!!!! :)

well, heck, it's worth a shot.

vintagebetti said...

Hey there friend,

Maybe you should contact the Boys and Girls club.. Perhaps they would let you dig them up for a small donation?

I love my little Italian birthday vases :)


Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Wow! That woman sees what you're doing and still has the nerve to SNEER at you?! She'll go to plant hell, that's for sure (while you, of course, have a direct road to plant heaven for your kindness). I'll bet those plants were saying "thank you thank you thank you oh wonderful humans" in their whispery plant voices.

Will - rita deco said...

Funny that these close neighbors know so much about the property but DO NOTHING about the eyesore in their neighborhood. There are plenty of resources available when dealing with a shabby property like this. You can call various city & county nuisance depts. and place complaints. You can repeatedly call the owners of the property and make complaints. You can attend the neighborhood assoc. meeting and pinpoint this house and expose the problem to the entire community. Sounds like these people are the type (I know them well)that would rather stand in their front yards and bitch all day than get involved and fix the situation. I'm an advocate on my street and nothing gets by me!!!
It takes a bit of effort but I've changed quite a few "problems" with my street and nuisance neighbors and houses. These people are lazy and scared to get involved. A bit of research and action on this property could really change the entire situation. Basically whoever owns the house needs to be 'put on the hot seat' and held accountable.

trash talk said...

That woman p*#%*d me off! How dare she. So you are just supposed to let the plants die? That's just wrong on so many levels. I'm with the B&G's Club and see about "rescuing" the plants. Maybe one plant shoud "run away" every week or so!

Lisa said...

Try contacting the Recorder's Office in your county seat. There look up the last owner of the property (hopefully) you can find the name or look up B & G Club and see if there is a deed to this property. If it is in foreclosure it will list who has the property now and how to contact them.
Maybe the person left because of the snotty neighbor next door!!
You are a plant angel and maybe you just need to borrow them until they have good new owners or get some starts off the ones you can!

Amy said...

How sad! I just visited your beautiful city last week for the very first time. I could not get over the gardens people have... you are so right to water the plants... from a plant lover in Iowa, job well done!
Good luck, I hope you are able to adopt the plants!

Betty G said...

I'm with the others-try contacting the Boys and Girls Club. They might give you the go ahead to take the plants. It can't hurt to ask. Think of that nosy neighbor's face if you get permission to take the plants. :)