Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lungs and Junk

Last Saturday, my husband and his buddy Rick rode their bikes (100 miles!) from Portland to Pacific City. Reach the Beach is an annual fundraiser for the American Lung Association. A great ride for a great cause. It was a glorious day. On the way out to meet them ~ and certainly not traveling by bike ~ Charlie, his friend (& Rick's son) Henry, Hazel the dog and I made a stop in a tiny town called Willamina. With a name like Willamina, you just know that something special will be waiting. Friday Market did not disappoint..

Just inside the front door....

Jill is one of the co-owners. She let the boys use her bathroom (a critical point when you're 9 years old and have been in a car for 3 hours) and gave Hazel a bowl of water. Jill is my new best friend.

I am always drawn to these "roses" (painted seashells attached to plastic stems). I have seen red bouquets in the past, but never yellow! I am now kicking myself for not buying them. I think I feel a new collection coming on....

Rick and Mark at the end of the ride. Way to go, boys!


Rachel said...

How many favorites can you be? Your my fave redhead, my fave gardener, my fave bargain shopper and now my fave blogger. I love it!

Look at those bike boys. Hot, hot, hot!

JustJoan said...

Yes, you should have bought the yellow roses, but I guess a gal can only have so much "junk." Has the sunshine arrived in Portland? It was absolutely gorgeous today, at least from what I could see from inside the store while at work. I'm off tomorrow though! Thinking of you...love, joan

carole said...

Wow Pam:
What a neat shop and a super nice lady.
I love the roses too.
100 miles on a bike? Yikes
I am glad they enjoyed it. I would have died after the first mile.


Love your estate finds:) and the shop looks like a good place to find new treasures. Gotta love a place that takes care of the 4 legged friends.

EverydayMe said...

love the roses too... next time... but one too many fav's might just tip you over the top... next time... there is always next time!
{{HUGS}} Michelle