Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A long weekend with the carpenter ants

This is where we spent Memorial Day weekend. Just a sullen teenage girl, a 9 year old pirate, my husband, me and 10,000 carpenter ants...all sharing 300 square feet! It was fantastic! Yes, boys and girls, this is our hut at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast.

When we bought the property 5 years ago, the first line of the sale agreement was the purchase price of the lot. On the next line, the "value of structure" amount was a big, fat O. HA! What do you real estate geniuses know?

The hut was built off-site in the mid 40's, brought up the street on the back of a flatbed truck and placed, presumably by a bunch of beefy beach boys, exactly on the spot where it sits today. There is no foundation! The roof leaks buckets of rain! No way to contact the civilized world! We love it!

This is the dining room. I found the hutch at a garage sale ($15), painted it (in the rain) french blue and it fits perfectly! The fab metal chairs were $2 each. Can't wait to have my friend Beth re-upholster them. I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect shade for the green glass lamp, which has 2 bulbs; one on top, and one inside the green round base. Purchase price: $4

This is the kitchen. My son used to take baths in the sink, but now he's too big. I cook on the 2nd hand "condo size" stove. Usually spaghetti, spaghetti or sometimes, just for a change, spaghetti. Stay tuned for a photo tour of the garden...it may surprise you to hear I have some concrete friends at the beach too!


Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

That is EXACTLY the kind of place I love to stay for a getaway. I hope the ants were outside since there doesn't appear to be room in the house for 4 humans and 10,000 ants. BTW, our 5 trillion fire ants say they can beat up your carpenter ants any day . . .

Anything Goes Here said...

It couldn't be cuter! A dream come true,,,carpenter ants and all! xo Joan

carole said...

Hi Pam:
It is so cool!!! A surfer's dream home too!!!
I love the French blue you painted the hutch with and in the rain : )
I would like that to be my home all year long. Ants do not bother me : )
Thank you for sharing.

Carole said...

What a cute place. Dh and I have spent mucho time in Rockaway. We used to go there when we were dating, and though we don't spend as much time there as we used to, we do still spend a lot of time in Tillamook and Oceanside. Most people think it's boring, but we go to the beach to enjoy the beach, check out our regular haunts (Pacific Oyster for fresh fish to bring home, Five Rivers Coffee for beans), and avoid crowds of people.

We had hopes of buying a little place just like you have a few years ago, but it wasn't meant to be at that time. Maybe some day.

laurie - magpie ethel said...

Jealous of your little beach cottage Dot....I want one! Is as cute as I imagined...hope you had a great weekend.

A Thing for Roses said...

I am with Laurie when I say, I too am jealous. I have wanted a beach house for years and years. I love the beach so much. Your place is adorable. Lucky!



Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

It is perfect...PERFECT! I love it.

EverydayMe said...

WOW... this place is perfectly-perfect!!! I love it! and the inside is just as adorable as the outside... love it!!! Thanks for the peek... just love it!
{{HUGS}} Michelle

Vintage Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm a month late in commenting but I freaking LOVE your beach cottage! It's perfect!