Thursday, May 14, 2009

Junk Bonanza

Last Thursday, there was an intriguing sounding estate sale in the newspaper. It was in Vancouver, which is a bit of a schlepp from Portland, but Gail and I decided we were up for an adventure. When we got there, we saw a sign pointing us in the right direction. Literally.

The inside of the house was a big disappointment...over-priced, pointless stuff; nothing with any personality whatsoever. Just as we were about to throw in the towel, we decided to descend into the basement. It was a good move. Here's my haul:

2 unfinished PBN (nautical theme) canvasses in the box with the original pots of paint. Vintage kids jungle theme can, old cookbook with quirky title (The Mystery Chef's Own Cook Book), jewelry box with pink flower overlays, stack of vintage wrapping paper, 6 embroidered napkins, German vocabulary flash cards, and beachy stuff for our hut. For the sake of full disclosure: the green shell vase was found later that day at an antique mall. Paid more than I like to ($12), but I couldn't pass up that shape and color.

Here is a closer look at the beachy stuff. The abalone fish and the pelican S&P (gift from Gail) are both vintage "Rockaway Beach" souvenirs. I sort of squeal a little when I find R.B. stuff because that's where our hut lives.

I grabbed these jewelry boxes in the basement too. The one on the right has hand carved pansies, it needs a little repair, but I love it. I also picked up several vintage crafty mags for a song.

I didn't even know these goodies were tucked inside the black jewelry box until I got home.

This little hopitty girl was the find of the day.


Vintage Sue said...

I swear: basements ROCK!

Anything Goes Here said...

Ah, at least it turned out! I love the sign! xo Joan

Kate Spike said...

I really think you should have a giveaway regarding those PBNs and giveaway them to me. Ha ha.

mo said...

How cool to find the little treasures in the box. I love that!

Carole said...

I had a pin similar to that little bunny when I was a kid. I think mine was a deer, but the same style.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Man o Man I would have wanted to pull off the road and hijack that Estate Sale sign!! You got some great finds, now go back and get that sign, hehehe! Blessings, Janna

misselaineous said...

Great finds! Sadly, we have no basements here in I always make a beeline for the shed or garage! The pretty stuff in the house is fine, but give me the chippy rusty stuff that doesn't even have a price tag on it!! Have a great weekend *elaine*