Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Venice

My son's 2nd grade class recently read Gabriella's Song, a book about a little girl who lives in Venice. They loved it. For a special project, they just finished constructing a mini Venice in their classroom.

The blue construction paper represents the canals, blocks are the bridges, legos are the boats, and boxes of various sizes and shapes are the buildings. They made little Venetians too!

This is a palazzo with the laundry drying on a clothesline.

Here is the bow of a gondola with the local pizzeria in the background. See Mario flipping the dough?

This is Charlie's gondolier. I would ride in his boat any day of the week.

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kate spike said...

Your son is fortunate to have such an innovative teacher! I just happened on your blog while researching Fire King Jadeite and am always happy to find another person who feels perfectly fine snapping up wonderful odds & ends at garage/yard/tag/rummage sales. I would kill for those teeny tiny Tupperware bowls, although at one time I had one even smaller that was part of a keychain (and it was red, to boot).