Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Revealing my Stash

My last post was about my glorious day of junking. I left you with the image of large bags full of who knows what? in the back of my car. I think that it's only fair to show you, dear reader, what was inside...

A painted floral lap tray, a minty green glass light cover, 2 shabby wood frames, a rooster tile, lovely rose & green French embroidery thread, a 1970's kitty earring holder (to be spray painted pink) a wooden shoe pimping Heineken beer, 4 vintage corn on the cob salt and pepper shakers, a sugar and creamer with pink flowers and gold edging (check out those handles!) and a classic, tragic British movie to watch this weeked at the beach when it's raining. And it will be raining. My favorite find looks like a brown pile at the bottom of the photo. STENCILS! VINTAGE! OH MY!

I love the letters X and Q. And dollar signs.

Finally, though I am not a clothes girl, I want you to know I got my entire Spring wardrobe, including 2 pairs of shoes, for $19.00.


A Thing for Roses said...

So loved seeing you on Tuesday. What a fun coincidence that we were both there at the same time. You really found some great treasures that day. Good job. I especially love the stencils. Great score!



Old Crow Farm said...

My favorite too would have to be the stencils. One of my many weaknesses is letters and #'s, just can't seem to pass them up! jojo

Carole said...

You always find such fantastic things! I want to go shopping! lol

What fun those stencils could be.