Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Booty...as a pirate would define it.

Okay girls, here is a tour of my haul from Friday:

2 handmade decal girls, a Home Sweet Home cross stich, 3 flower potholders, a cigar box, a vintage puzzle with really BIG pieces called "America the Wonderland", an empty Christmas card box with dancing snowmen wearing top hats, a Famous Authors card game and vintage kelly green plastic salad servers.

3 Glad bags packed with vintage greeting cards ~ one features a choir girl who looks exactly like our friend Laurie from Magpie Ethel! 2 colorful maps of Boston, a fishing pamplet ("Spinning is Dangerous for Fish ~ a booklet written for fish who can read").

A vintage garden fork with a very long handle (which is under) the green sheer St. Patrick's Day apron. A set of 4 clover cups and saucers, a black velvet purse, an empty card box decorated with sweet peas, a Pixie bow maker in the box, a wooden spice shelf and an Accent shaker with red top.

This item was far and away the find of the day. My family has a one room hut at Rockaway Beach. Built in 1940, no foundation, leaky roof, carpenter ant invasion; you get the picture. This vintage banner will be hung above the mantel. Wait...we don't have a mantel. How about above the front door?

P.S. I just love that the town used to be called "Rock-A-Way".

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