Sunday, October 5, 2008

Running Down Matt Santos

Gail went to L.A. last week to see her daughter Valerie.  One day, Val was attempting to parallel park in Brentwood.  Not an easy task.  As Val begins to back into the space, the girls hear a loud knock on the rear window.  Val slams on the brakes and to their horror, the girls see that they have just about run over Jimmy Smits.  He gives them the stink eye and heads into a trendy cafe. He comes back out a moment later and begins to cross the street.  In her continuing attempt to park the car, Val almost runs him down again. Only this time, she's going forward. Gail lowers the window and calls out good naturedly: "I guess we're gonna get you one way or another!" Mr.-Hottie-Would-Be-President was not amused.  I think Val might still be trying to get into that parking space.

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