Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I could eat that!

There is a new French bakery near us called Petite Provence. 
     Les patisseries!

              Les Gateaux! 

         Emma and Charlie especially loved these meringue puppies...

This place is so authentic, you can smell the baking butter and sugar from a block away.  The only thing missing is this. I may have to stop by this morning for a little je ne sais quoi!


mo said...

uh oh- i actually drooled all over the keyboard...Where is this beautiful bakery? I so love a good pretty pastry!

Kim G. said...

Do you even know how completely lucky you are??????? I love a good french bakery, the closest one I can think of is in San Francisco (over 2 hours away!) I adore french patisserie, absolutely adore it. Lucky girl.

Hybrid Hopes said...

They have delicious pastries there! I've eaten in the restaurant and it's ... let's just call it "meh" ... but their pastries are yummy. (I've tried omelettes and egg dishes and everything is kinda ... "meh" ... except those yummalicious pastries!)

It's on Division and 47th or so.